Guide To PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Hacks

With over 50 million copies sold and hundreds of thousands of daily players, there is no denying that PUBG has its spot in this relatively new take on gaming, best referred to as battle royale gaming. PUBG is the short form of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, one of the most interesting games when it comes to competitive online gaming.

PUBG starts with players being airdropped in an abandoned island, in groups of two, four or solo. You then collect loot, an array of equipment such as guns, med-kits, grenades and backpacks, which can all be found in houses and other locations. As you may have guessed, there is a time limit, which is implemented by a blue zone. You need to be in the safe zone in order to survive and proceed with the game. If you have teammates, you are sometimes forced to get into the danger zone and revive them, thus increasing your chances of winning the match.

The aim is to survive until the final zone runs out. If you manage this, you’re rewarded with rating points, experience points as well as the WWCD price. However, as the norm with any online multiplayer competitive game, there will always be a bunch that tries to cheat. PlayerUnknown’s has banned numerous players in the past few years, particularly those who use bots and cheat codes.

That being said, here are a few important things to know about player unknowns hacks:

PUGB implemented a software that monitors the game for potential hacks or cheats being used on the battlefield. The vigilante software is known as BattleEye, a proactive anti-cheat system that implements a robust shield around the whole game. When spotted, your date gets corrupted, and as a result, you are thrown out of the system.

After the Radar hack cheat code ban, the developers released a reporting and anti-cheat feature that can be used to report cheating players in real-time. Cheats like this PUBG hack have found ways to avoid this anti-cheat.

If you injure or kill a teammate, your rating goes down. Your merit is 100, but when it goes under 60, you are barred from joining duo or squad matches until you increase the rating by indulging in solo matches.

It is important to keep a low profile in PUBG. As with any battle royale, being tactical and ensuring you’re hard to spot is imperative. Tips include staying under the ridgelines when moving through the high ground. Also, moving randomly or sprinting in the open ground makes it harder for people to get you.

During the last stages, always try to find a suppressor and superior reduce the recoil. This will not only help you keep your position, but you will be able to keep shooting for an extended period, increasing your chances of winning.

You may want a high kill shot stat, but the primary objective is to survive. So, avoid taking shots you cannot afford and make surviving in PUBG a priority.

This is not the comprehensive guide when it comes to playing PUBG, but it should help you spot cheaters and play better!

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