Hacking PUBG – What You Need To Know When Cheating

Without a doubt, PUBG is one of the most popular games out there right now. It continues to grow in popularity, which is why it’s not surprising that there are a lot of people looking for PUBG hacks. If you’re one of the, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few of the top PUBG hacks:

Aimbotting in PUBG

The most popular hack of all is probably the aimbot hack, which is popular in all shooter style games. Aimbots that are used in PUBG are designed to align your shot with your enemy, and you won’t require any aiming effort. Once the aimbot is setup, you will have an easier time picking off opponents.

There’s many benefits of using the aimbot back, such as being able to easily and quickly do away with the opposing team. Another benefit is you’ll pretty much be unstoppable. Just bear in mind that enemies can still target you, and if they’re using an aimbot, then it becomes an even playing field.

PUBG Speed Hacks

The speed hack is another popular hack. Many players use both the aimbot and the speed hack because when they’re combined, then you basically have the ultimate advantage. The way the speed hack works is you will fire back right away whenever there is an enemy in clear sight.

The downside to this hack is you can attack people you weren’t even planning to. Other than that, the speed hack is great. If you want to rapidly open fire on enemies without no effort on your part, then this is the hack for you.

Wallhack & ESP Hack

You need to know where your enemies’ are at all times, as this increases your chances of surviving in the game. An ESP hack helps you with just that. With the ESP hack, you’ll have no problems knowing where your opponents are, and you’ll be able to see through walls, find hiding spaces and any other obstructions that would impede you if you weren’t using the ESP hack.

Let’s not forget about the wallhack. This hack can illuminate enemies’ armor, when they are hiding. You’ll be able to see enemies’ armor light up behind walls they are hiding behind. In turn, you’ll have a better chance of surviving.

PUBG Distance Hack
This hack allows you to know just how far your opponents are. Knowing this info can help you decide whether or not to attack. Once the distance hack is setup, you’ll receive distance-details about your enemies, which allows you to take action more swiftly.

High Damage
The high damage hack is exactly what it sounds like. When you use it, you’ll take a lot of damage off of opposing players. If you’re squaring off with several attackers, then this hack will definitely come in handy.

Playing PUBG is fun, but it’s even more fun when you use hacks. There are many more hacks out there for the game. However, the above PUBG hacks are among the best ones. Go ahead and give them a try today.

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